Dating Tips for the Guys

Dating is meant to be fun, but many people still find it stressful.  When it comes to first dates there is a lot of pressure to make a good impression, especially if you want to have a second date.  It isn’t just women who stress out about what to wear and what to say men do it too.  Here are some dating tips for the guys to make the evening go smoother.

Dress for the Occasion

If you are the one picking the venue then dressing for the occasion is easy.  If your date is picking the spot then find out ahead of time so you can dress appropriately.  If you are having dinner at a fancy restaurant then torn jeans and a baseball cap don’t work.

Don’t Be Late

Being late is discourteous, show up on time especially on the first date.   If you have to be late because of something completely unforeseen then make sure you call ahead or send a text rather than leaving someone waiting.

Don’t Drink too Much

Many dates take place in restaurants or clubs but that doesn’t mean that you should drink too much. Having a glass of wine with dinner is perfectly okay but drinking a bottle by yourself is not.  While it is perfectly normal to be nervous using alcohol to calm your nerves is just about the worst idea ever, nobody wants to spend the evening with a drunk.

Find a Place You Can Both Enjoy

Picking a spot for your first date isn’t easy, you don’t want to do the cliché dinner and a movie date.  You need to try and find a place that both of you will have fun at and make the date memorable.  Here are some ideas for great first dates that will be fun and memorable.

Leave the Wingman Home

No matter how nervous you may feel or how much you may want to bring a friend…don’t.  This is not high school and you can’t rely on someone else to do the talking for you.  You are here to get to know your date and you can’t do that with a third wheel along for the ride.  Leave your bestie at home.

Talk More About Your Date and Less About You

Everybody loves to hear a great story but they don’t like it when they can’t get a word in at all. You are there to get to know each other and yes, your date does want to know about you but they don’t need to know everything on the first date.  Conversation should be back and forth, make sure you ask questions and give the other person a chance to answer them.

First dates can be awkward and uncomfortable or they can be a great time.  Plan your date, follow these tips and you will have more of the latter and less of the former.