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Would A Celebrity Date A Normal Person?

More often than not, celebrities date other celebrities to keep their status or fame in the show business. But, did you know that some celebrities would rather date normal people instead of other popular celebrities in the industry?

If you are wondering if a celebrity would date a normal person, the answer is a big YES. As a matter of fact, there are celebrities who are married to their fans or ordinary people. So, if you want to celebrities date, it’s never impossible as some celebrities prefer dating people who are far from the spotlight and would offer them more privacy. For celebrities, if there’s one thing that they treasure the most, it’s their private life and being with someone who is not part of the entertainment industry would give them access to things that are away from the spotlight.

If you have been dreaming of dating a celebrity, don’t lose hope as you can always turn this into a reality. The only thing you should do is to take small steps. Never do stalking because it is a major turn off for celebrities. Act simple and be who you are as this can make a huge difference in winning the heart of your favorite celebrity.

For those who are new to celebrity dating, there are several things you should do. One of these is to work in the industry where most celebrities are associated with. You don’t need to be an actor or an actress to meet a celebrity. If you’re working in a real estate company that’s famous for its celebrity clients, there is a huge chance for you to meet and date one in the future. To be in this kind of industry, you have to work hard for you to get a position in such companies.

Aside from working in the industries where most stars are associated with, consider hanging out in high-end restaurants or places where many celebrities go to. You have to spend a bit of money to get a chance to meet and date a celebrity, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you succeed.

If you don’t have the money to work at the most prestigious companies and hang out in high-end places, there are other ways for you to meet a celebrity. With the popularity of dating apps like Tinder, several celebrities are into online dating too. Some even have their own accounts on popular dating apps and sites. And the best thing about such apps or websites is that they are free to join. You don’t need to pay for any amount of money just to join a dating site or dating app. All you have to do is to follow the instructions provided. However, for you to access all features of dating apps and websites, you need to subscribe and pay for a particular amount of fee. Oftentimes, the charges are not that expensive and all of them are available at reasonable rates.

Celebrities That Date Non-Celebrities

It isn’t unusual to harbor fantasies about getting close to some of your favorite celebrities one day. And by close, it means close to touch and even start a family with the celebrities that you have had plastered on your walls since you were a kid.
Hollywood provides an impression that celebrities are above dating anybody aside from other celebrities. This is the part of what drives everyone crazy about them. However, there are actually celebrities who are not afraid to date outside the world of fame and some of these are as follows:

    • Adele

Adele is a popular singer whose boyfriend is a non-celebrity. Her boyfriend is Simon Konecki and they have been together since year 2011. They now have a son and according to Adele herself, she described that being in a great relationship with somebody that is always there for her and very loyal is part of her core now and this what made her write about everything she have ever done because of the his boyfriend’s love for her. Adele defined her love for his boyfriend as true love.

    • Amy Schumer

Her boyfriend is a custom furniture designer. His name is Ben Hanisch and he’s as sweet as cute. He has adorable posts of Schumer, which showed how proud he is having her in his life.

    • Lea Michele

Lea Michele and her boyfriend Matthew Paetz are going strong after meeting in April 2014 on the set of her vide for “On My Way”. It seems that Paetz brought the light back into the life of Michele after the death of his ex-boyfriend Cory Monteith.

    • Karlie Kloss

Her boyfriend is Josh Kushner. He is not only cute, but also he is very smart just like Kloss. According to a reliable source, Kloss’ boyfriend graduated from Harvard University.

    • Meghan Trainor

This popular singer is currently dating the assistant of Nick Jonas. Her boyfriend’s name is Cory Andersen. He posted cute posts about him and Trainor with sweet caption.

    • Ansel Elgort

His girlfriend is Violetta Komyshan. They are high school sweethearts and met at the LaGuardia High School and bonded over their shared love on performing. For those who don’t know, Violetta is actually a talented dancer who pictures on social media will inspire and mesmerize you.

    • Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis have been dating since year 2007. She is the creative mind behind the famous Maison de Morgana jewelry. Even if the 2 kept things low key, McNelis posted photos of them every now and then.

    • Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has an Australian billionaire boyfriend. He is James Packer and based on the reports, he seemed a bit more under the radar than Mariah yet looked at the singer very happy and adoringly.

    • Olivia Holt

She has been dating Ray Kearin for quite some time. They look pretty adorable with one another.

Dating a celebrity is never impossible nowadays, especially that more and more celebrities are dating non-celebs.

The Best Way To Meet Celebrities

If you are dying to meet celebrities, whether it’s the band’s lead singer or star of the show, there are some ways on how you can successfully meet them.

There is no need for you to sit on a tree by their bedroom window if you can meet them in a legal and fun way. It could also take a lot of patience and a bit of work, but, you can be assured that it will be all worth it once you lock eyes with your favorite celebrity.
Below are the different ways to meet your favorite celebrity:

Talk Show Appearances

If you can fly out just to watch a talk show where your favorite celebrity is being interviewed, you will have a big chance to speak to them. Popular shows have lots of commercial breaks and more often than not, celebrities to their audience during these commercial breaks. However, it’s only applicable if you have time or money to watch a talk show.


Twitter will not let you come face to face with celebrities, yet it might also allow you to talk to them. Rather than tweeting a misspelled or capitalized love letter, send them a beautiful comment or a question that she or he won’t resist to ignore. They are more likely to answer you back and favorite your tweet if it is not very intense.


Going to a charity that’s star studded might require you a lot of money, yet it’ll go to a good cause. Check out some websites to know if your favorite celebrity will auction off the opportunity to meet them. You may buy a night out with them or an opportunity to watch these on set or on the stage.


Always be aware of the contests online or locally. You never know when you will have the chance to win a trip to meet your favorite celebrities. For you to stay updated on the celebrity news, see to it that you follow the Instagram and Twitter account of your favorite celebrities. Take note, if you know more, you will get better results.

Comic Con

If you are lucky enough to store some tickets to Comic Con, you can guarantee that you will meet amazing people. You might bump into a familiar face for free of charge once you walk the floor. If you are willing to pay to meet celebrities, there are some signings and photo ops you can buy.


Several celebrities have their own official addresses for the fans to send their mails. If you are lucky, you will get back signed photographs. If not, you might still get delighted over the fact that your favorite celebrities have read something that you wrote and knows that you exist.
Fanmail is worth trying. Celebrities are human beings too and they often reply to their fanmails when they’re not busy. So, if you don’t want to reach them through social media sites, try the traditional fanmail.

What Are The Chances Of Dating A Celebrity?

Dating a celebrity is probably one of your biggest dreams. If you think it’s impossible, well there’s a higher chance to date your forever celebrity crush. But, you have to take note that the chances of dating celebrities may depend on how you are really committed or dedicated with your efforts.

To date a celebrity, you have to start with some things. First and foremost, look for the Facebook account of your favorite celebrity. There are many celebrities on Facebook. You may try searching for the real names of the celebrities. Usually, popular singers use an alias, so if you look for their real name, you might find their profile. Alternatively, there are tons of celebrities who use Facebook, yet use fake names on there to stop those who do not know them from finding them. Once you do your research, you must be able to find them. A huge warning here is that countless of fake profiles of celebrities are being made, so always be careful on such profiles.

Another thing you should do to get a high chance of dating a celebrity is to write to the celebrities. It is easy to look for the agents of the celebrities, so you can spend letter to them. Usually, agents pass letters on. Even if you might not get a reply for your celebrity crush, rest assured that it’s likely they’re read your letter. Those who are lucky got replies from their favorite celebrities. Just make sure to set yourself apart from others from writing a letter that’s unique. If you are looking forward to date your celebrity crush, include a photo of yours, yet don’t sound too desperate.

Researching the place that your celebrity crush always visits is important. It might be a bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, and much more. Once you see them, ensure to introduce yourself and may even provide them a card with your number.

If those things didn’t work out well, your last resort is to sign up at some dating websites where you can meet and date celebrities. As of now, there are several dating sites that are designed for celebrity dating. With these websites, you can meet and even date a celebrity for real. All you have to do is to sign up at such websites and be an active member. It’s useless if you’re signed up on a particular celebrity dating website, yet you are not always active. Even if you send messages to your celebrity crush, yet you are nowhere to be found when he or she replies, he or she might think that you are just one of those people who are making fun of them.

Not all celebrity dating websites have celebrity members. That is the reason why you should shop around and make a comparison if possible. Choose only the celebrity dating sites that are known for their reliability and good reputation as this can make a big difference in getting a chance to date a celebrity.

Celebrities Who Use Online Dating

Online dating took lots of criticisms for a while, yet now it is starting to be widely accepted as well as used by almost anyone out there including the following celebrities:
Lily Allen
Lily Allen is one of the celebrities online who tried dating over the internet. She signed up at Tinder even if she is already married with children. There is no commitment in the app. That is probably the reason why she spends some time in Tinder.
Lindsay Lohan
She was an early adopter of the famous app known as Tinder. She posted a photo revealing that she used Tinder when she found her brother on the said app.
She reportedly used an online dating website called eHarmony when she was still brokenhearted and not yet on the spotlight. But, since she’s now famous, she is not as active on online dating like before.
Halle Berry
Berry followed the trend by using anonymity over the internet and tried to act normal again as well as meet others in a traditional way. Before marrying, she’d often seen in online chat rooms and some of these were designed for dating.
Chelsea Handler
She loves the idea and concept of Tinder. She’d attack it with the motto that she’s famous. She also likes men who are not popular and anonymous.
Joan Rivers
She boldly made a profile on a dating website called under her name. She brought her exceptional personality with her, yet made sure to point out that she’d prefer a well-dressed George Clooney instead of Brad Pitt who’s stripped down.
Matthew Perry
It was said that he joined a lot of dating websites. If this is real, you can say what he likes about his future partner. Some of the websites he joined are and
Charlie Sheen
He turned to a famous dating site known as while he was going through a divorce to try finding somebody else whose riches have driven them crazy.
Rivers Cuomo
The frontman of Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, has signed up for dating website that wasn’t revealed, yet according to him, they responded to his own profile with a message that there’s no one appropriate for him.
Carrie Ann Inaba
She tried a dating website called eHarmony and met her former fiancé in the process. Inaba wanted to switch some things up a bit and opted to get rid of talking about her fame by trying to date somebody who’s humble.
Edward Snowden
Snowden, after he leaked out some government secrets is now searching for an asylum in his potential’s heart. However, the reportedly Tinder account of Snowden was a fake.
Luke Greenfield
If you are single and you are Jewish, you might be aware of the different Jewish dating sites like JDate, where Luke Greenfield joined. The director has a great profile on this amazing dating website that makes him sounds very sweet.

How To Meet Single Actresses?

Everybody has dreamed to meet and date a single actress. Well, who wouldn’t want to? If you are man who’s been dying to meet one of the most beautiful single actresses around, there are numerous ways on how to meet one. Through following these tips, you can be assured that your dream will come true:

Live in a Big City

You can find single actresses in rural areas or small towns unless she’s different from other celebrities out there. Big cities are the hubs for finance, entertainment, and industry. If you want to meet famous single actresses, live in a big city like Los Angeles and New York. If you live here, there is a big chance to meet single actresses.

Live Where Famous Single Actresses Go to Get Away

If you do not like the idea of living in Los Angeles and New York, there are other options available for you. Popular people love weekend getaways as much as regular people do. Therefore, living in a beautiful town can be a good choice. Having a job where you can work with the public is also a huge help.

Get a Job in the Coat Check

If you wish to interact with a single actress, get a job in the coat check or any place where celebrities usually go. Everybody needs to eat and famous celebs love eating at hot spots for the reason that they keep a high profile as part of their job. So, before it’s too late, start your job hunting today and look for a local store where most celebrities go.

Be the Best Spotter

This is most crucial thing that you should do. Single actresses on the street often walk not to be recognized and often cover their heads with baseball cups and use dark sunglasses. If you are best at recognizing a celebrity, there’s a huge possibility that you will meet a single actress around you. Therefore, practice this skill and you’ll never know, you might end up not just meeting a single actress, but dating one in the future. It’s easy. Just be observant and always know the characteristics of your favorite single actresses you want to meet for you to spot one easily.

Be Lucky

If none of those things above work for you, sometimes you can be lucky to know that one of your friends knew a single actress. You can request or ask for a favor to her or him to meet your favorite celebrity. In this way, you don’t have to do extra effort just to meet one. Sometimes, all you need is connections.

Those are just some of the ways on how to meet single actresses. If you are having a hard time meeting one, it might be a good idea to ask for help from your friends or other people you know. Or you may also join websites that most celebrities use. They might offer you a VIP access on one of her events and meet you personally.

How To Get A Date With A Celebrity?

Almost all people want to date a celebrity. Well, who wouldn’t want to, right? If you want to know how to get a date with a celebrity, here are some of the things you should know:

  • Be Trustworthy

If your celebrity crush sends you a message on Facebook or Twitter, never blast it out immediately on your news feed. Celebrities are always on guard for the tabloid tattles and groupies, so you like to prove that you will not be the next girl to sell her or him out.

  • Stand Out

If he said that his favorite color in the past is purple, never dress like a walking eggplant like gazillions of some girls trying to get his attention. You can wear something unique and stylish, yet not too revealing. Heeled boots and short skirts might make him look at you, yet he will not be looking into your eyes, which is the key to make love connection.

  • Interview Your Favorite Celebrity for a Blog

It is shameless, yet once you ask thoughtful questions that forge bonds between you and your celebrity crush, this could spark something. Just see to it that you get private number and email after the interview.

  • Be Famous

Celebrities often date other celebrities. They feel comfortable and safe around those who understand the unique minuses and plusses of being adored globally. Therefore, be awesome at things that elevate you. Write award-winning screenplays. Make your own novel. Create famous blogs or search for treatments. You may also produce mind-blowing documentary movies. Regardless of your passion, create a name for yourself and this will get the respect and attention of your celebrity crush. Plus, you will be in the club.

  • Write Songs

If you passion about singing and you enjoy writing songs, why not share it to the world? This can make your name or work go viral, which can be beneficial when meeting other celebrities.

  • Tweet Responsibly

Never tweet your celebrity crush obsessively. Flirty little, friendly tweets work much better. If you are lucky enough for your celebrity crush to reply, always play it cool. Never tweet to your friends that you are freaking out about the tweet of your celebrity crush.

  • Be Yourself

first dateCelebrities are humans too. You do not have to be extraordinary or change yourself just to meet and get a date with a celebrity. If you’re always true to yourself and you do all those mentioned things above properly and responsibly, you can guarantee that you will have a chance to date a celebrity in the near future. Just do your best and do things with passion.
Getting a date with a celebrity may sound impossible. But, it’s never impossible to those who are dedicated and committed to get a date with a celebrity. So, try your luck today and find out the perks of meeting and dating a celebrity. If you have tried everything, you may join celebrity dating sites.

Top 3 Celebrity Dating Sites

When it comes to celebrity dating sites, there are several options you can choose from. However, you have to take that not all of them are guaranteed to provide you quality services and great dating experience. So, if you want to get the most of your dating experience, below are the top 3 celebrity dating sites you should check out:

Top #1 –

Celebrities Dating is the number one celebrity dating site that is perfect for anyone who’s planning to date a celebrity in the future. The best thing about this dating website is that it features simple interface and easy to use platform. Regardless of your experience in dating online, you won’t experience any hassle in accessing or using Celebrities Dating. All you have to do is to sign up or sign in and take advantage of its exciting features.

Top #2 –

With more than sixty-seven percent of its members holding either a master’s, bachelor’s or doctorate degree, Elite Singles is one of the best in terms of celebrity dating sites. It has established a good reputation for being a website best suited for educated professionals and celebrities who are searching for long term partner. From the unique five-factor personality questionnaire to its fraud detection system, Elite Singles is very dedicated to ensuring that every member get highly compatible matches as well as have a fun and safe online dating experience from the start to finish.

Signing up at Elite Singles may take only several minutes, yet it depends on how detailed you get when your filling out your profile and taking personality assessments. Once you are done, you will big tabs at the top of your Dashboard, which include Messages, Matches, and Profile. Such sections contain their own tabs for favorites, dislikes and likes, sent messages, and many more.

Top #3 –

Millionaire Match is a website designed specifically for people who are interested to meet millionaires. It takes pride from having numerous members, which include CEOs, doctors, lawyers, professional models, and Hollywood celebrities. As an original dating website for wealthy singles, Millionaire Match built a strong community of quality subscribers as well as developed a service that offers an enjoyable and easy experience to meet new people.
Becoming a member of Millionaire Match is easy. A profile may be created for free of charge and this requires basic information including location, income, age, email address, gender, and name. After the basic information, members may also get into more depth about what they are looking for and who they are.

Members may also spruce up their own profiles with short essays, catchy headlines, and the matches they are searching for as well as a video introduction. Some optional essay questions provide further insight into the personality of the member, touching on the topics such as travel plans, favorite jokes, first date ideas, and hobbies.
Which Celebrity Dating Site is Best for You?

You can always choose your preferred celebrity dating site. But, all in all, every celebrity dating site can help you find a celebrity to date.

How to Date a Celebrity Online

Good looks, a glitzy lifestyle and glamour – to date a celebrity is about all these and more. You wouldn’t just be basking under the spotlight as someone who dates someone famous for this is actually a perfect time for you to further your profession as it would be much easier to get access to more valuable contacts. But, being able to come across celebrities within comfortable surroundings so that you wouldn’t seem like just another fan poses some challenges. Good thing that the internet is now here to help you with your dreams of dating that famous celebrity you’ve been eyeing for so long.

If you want to know how to meet and date a celebrity online, here are several tips to get you started with your celebrity dating venture:

Tweet That Celebrity

Being able to communicate with your celebrity online could be a wonderful way to initiate some good contact with no need to give off the vibes of a stalker. What you need to do is follow the Twitter account of your favorite celebrity. Then, mention the celebrity in tweet and if you are lucky, he or she might start following you as well.

Send an Email

You can also contact the celebrity directly if ever you have find out his or her email. Check if the celebrity posted an email address on their official website. You can also try to contact your celebrity using any their social media accounts. Consider to write a letter as a good alternative to email.

Search for Other Ways to Contact Celebrities Online

You may try other things such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You may also do networking with acquaintances who know some of the celebrities you want to date. Contacting your preferred celebrity through her manager or agent is also a good idea.

Enter a Contest

Try winning a date with a celebrity through entering a contest. Try searching for contests on the website of your celebrity and some trustworthy sites. You may also try looking for contests in the magazines.

Do Your Homework

date a celebrityIf you’re looking forward to date a celebrity, it’s not enough to meet them. You have to bear in mind that they’re always surrounded and often being solicited by their admirers. You must have something extra for you to get their attention. That is the reason why it is essential to do your homework. If possible, learn about the celebrity you like to snag. Several celebrities are attracted to power as well as influence that all their beauty and glamour can’t purchase while some are drawn to plain, humble individuals who pose no threat to their fame.

As a matter of fact, a lot of celebrities aren’t even as rich as they are. They have big mortgages lurking in the background in which situation if you have tons of money you stand a great opportunity of lending a helping hand. Know about the secret drives regarding the celebrity you like to date and give them exactly what they’re looking for.

4 Ways To Date A Celebrity

Almost everyone dream to date a celebrity. Unluckily, majority of people are scared of rejection that they will not even consider asking a particular celebrity on a date. Even if you might get rejected, you will never know unless you try. You should follow these tips to help attract, meet, as well as date a celebrity.

Get Help Online

Today, everything can be done online. Even communicating with your favorite celebrity can be done through Twitter. If you are communicating your celebrity over the internet, it can be a good way to initiate contact through Twitter without appearing like a stalker. Find some ways to contact your celebrity through the internet. You can try using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites or apps.

If you know her or his email, you can also consider sending him or her an email. Never ever try to call the celebrity you want to date because she might view this as an invasion of her privacy. Researching about the celebrity may also be a good idea.

Go Where the Celebrities Are

how to date a celebrityTry living near tons of celebrities. You can increase your chances of running into celebrities by living in places with numerous celebrities. You can live in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York. You may also hang around places where celebrities spend their time. Research online on where your favorite celebrity likes to visit. Try if you can go at charity events, awards shows, clubs and bars where celebrities often hangout, stores where celebrities shop, restaurants where celebrities like to eat, and much more.

Be Famous

Be aware that majority of celebrities date some popular people, yet not always in the similar industry. Increase the chances of attracting the celebrities through becoming popular at jobs including entrepreneurs, writers, politicians, and professional athletes.

Make Yourself Attractive to Celebrities

Attract celebrities in the same way you’d attract someone who was not famous. Take note that the celebrities are also human beings. Try following general advice to date a celebrity by being confident, being yourself, being approachable, kind and thoughtful, talking normally, not appearing desperate, being a good friend, and making her happy.

Aside from the things you should do in celebrity dating, there are also some things you should not do. One of these is not to stalk a celebrity. Stalking isn’t attractive anybody. Stalking celebrities will just freak them out and you could get arrested because of it. Never contact her constantly and never ever hover or stare. You should not also make any sexual advances or mention a part of anatomy.

You must also be ready for rejection. Like on your typical dates, you will always run the risk of rejection. You should also be prepared for a competition as many people like to date a celebrity as well. If your favorite celebrity rejected you, don’t lose hope. You can always try dating another celebrity. Just make sure to keep the do’s and don’ts of celebrity dating.