Celebrities Who Use Online Dating

Online dating took lots of criticisms for a while, yet now it is starting to be widely accepted as well as used by almost anyone out there including the following celebrities:
Lily Allen
Lily Allen is one of the celebrities online who tried dating over the internet. She signed up at Tinder even if she is already married with children. There is no commitment in the app. That is probably the reason why she spends some time in Tinder.
Lindsay Lohan
She was an early adopter of the famous app known as Tinder. She posted a photo revealing that she used Tinder when she found her brother on the said app.
She reportedly used an online dating website called eHarmony when she was still brokenhearted and not yet on the spotlight. But, since she’s now famous, she is not as active on online dating like before.
Halle Berry
Berry followed the trend by using anonymity over the internet and tried to act normal again as well as meet others in a traditional way. Before marrying, she’d often seen in online chat rooms and some of these were designed for dating.
Chelsea Handler
She loves the idea and concept of Tinder. She’d attack it with the motto that she’s famous. She also likes men who are not popular and anonymous.
Joan Rivers
She boldly made a profile on a dating website called Match.com under her name. She brought her exceptional personality with her, yet made sure to point out that she’d prefer a well-dressed George Clooney instead of Brad Pitt who’s stripped down.
Matthew Perry
It was said that he joined a lot of dating websites. If this is real, you can say what he likes about his future partner. Some of the websites he joined are MillionaireMatch.com and RichSoulMate.com.
Charlie Sheen
He turned to a famous dating site known as MillionaireMatch.com while he was going through a divorce to try finding somebody else whose riches have driven them crazy.
Rivers Cuomo
The frontman of Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, has signed up for dating website that wasn’t revealed, yet according to him, they responded to his own profile with a message that there’s no one appropriate for him.
Carrie Ann Inaba
She tried a dating website called eHarmony and met her former fiancé in the process. Inaba wanted to switch some things up a bit and opted to get rid of talking about her fame by trying to date somebody who’s humble.
Edward Snowden
Snowden, after he leaked out some government secrets is now searching for an asylum in his potential’s heart. However, the reportedly Tinder account of Snowden was a fake.
Luke Greenfield
If you are single and you are Jewish, you might be aware of the different Jewish dating sites like JDate, where Luke Greenfield joined. The director has a great profile on this amazing dating website that makes him sounds very sweet.