NOT To Make These Celebrity Dating Mistakes

In terms of dating and love, celebrities can act a bit crazy. Know what went wrong to the relationships of the celebrities, so you will be able to know what you should not do when dating a celebrity.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #1: Dishing Your Relationship with Everybody

date a celebrityLike when Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo called it quits, everybody was shocked since that the two people seemed so in love and were actually adorable with their matching outfits for the red carpet. What made their split worse was when Jason kept telling the details about their split after like the fact that he ended their relationship over the phone. What’s wrong with this is that you may always talk about the things with your friend, yet dishing details regarding your relationship isn’t a good idea at all. It doesn’t only break trust, but also this is the sign that you have issues on communication.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #2: Not Making Time for One Another

Some celebrities broke up because their work schedule kept them busy and apart. If you are dating someone, you should make an effort spending time together for you to catch up with everything that’s happening in your life. By making time with your date, you can be assured that your relationship will work.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #3: Not Supporting One Another During Rough Times

Sources that are close to Ariana Grande claimed that Jai Brooks was not there for Ariana after her grandpa passed away, and that drove them apart. Any Ariana fan knows how close she is to her grandfather, so it was actually obvious that it is a rough time for her, yet Jai wasn’t there when she needs her the most.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #4: Dissing Your Ex On Twitter

Celebrity Chris Zylka was said to be devastated when Lucy Hale ended their relationship. Therefore, he aired every grievance he had on Twitter. When Lucy did not tweet back, Chris looked immature. It is normal to want to vent after the breakup. Just do this to a friend and not online.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #5: Moving On Very Quickly

Taylor Swift has a rep for falling in love super fast, yet she took some things a bit too far when she dated Conor Kennedy. Taylor purchased a house across the street where the family of Conor is located in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, they broke up shortly after purchasing the house. Men love low-key women. Therefore, it is worth it to save serious relationship talk for your friends.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #6: Avoiding The Time to Talk

When celebrities Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were dating, Rob thought that they’re exclusive, but Rita did not. When Rob found out that Rita was dating some guys, he was heartbroken and began bashing her on Twitter. After that, Rita Ora was completely done with Rob. Being not on the same page as the person you are dating can lead to some issues. So, always talk about everything.

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