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Celebrities That Date Non-Celebrities

It isn’t unusual to harbor fantasies about getting close to some of your favorite celebrities one day. And by close, it means close to touch and even start a family with the celebrities that you have had plastered on your walls since you were a kid.
Hollywood provides an impression that celebrities are above dating anybody aside from other celebrities. This is the part of what drives everyone crazy about them. However, there are actually celebrities who are not afraid to date outside the world of fame and some of these are as follows:

    • Adele

Adele is a popular singer whose boyfriend is a non-celebrity. Her boyfriend is Simon Konecki and they have been together since year 2011. They now have a son and according to Adele herself, she described that being in a great relationship with somebody that is always there for her and very loyal is part of her core now and this what made her write about everything she have ever done because of the his boyfriend’s love for her. Adele defined her love for his boyfriend as true love.

    • Amy Schumer

Her boyfriend is a custom furniture designer. His name is Ben Hanisch and he’s as sweet as cute. He has adorable posts of Schumer, which showed how proud he is having her in his life.

    • Lea Michele

Lea Michele and her boyfriend Matthew Paetz are going strong after meeting in April 2014 on the set of her vide for “On My Way”. It seems that Paetz brought the light back into the life of Michele after the death of his ex-boyfriend Cory Monteith.

    • Karlie Kloss

Her boyfriend is Josh Kushner. He is not only cute, but also he is very smart just like Kloss. According to a reliable source, Kloss’ boyfriend graduated from Harvard University.

    • Meghan Trainor

This popular singer is currently dating the assistant of Nick Jonas. Her boyfriend’s name is Cory Andersen. He posted cute posts about him and Trainor with sweet caption.

    • Ansel Elgort

His girlfriend is Violetta Komyshan. They are high school sweethearts and met at the LaGuardia High School and bonded over their shared love on performing. For those who don’t know, Violetta is actually a talented dancer who pictures on social media will inspire and mesmerize you.

    • Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis have been dating since year 2007. She is the creative mind behind the famous Maison de Morgana jewelry. Even if the 2 kept things low key, McNelis posted photos of them every now and then.

    • Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has an Australian billionaire boyfriend. He is James Packer and based on the reports, he seemed a bit more under the radar than Mariah yet looked at the singer very happy and adoringly.

    • Olivia Holt

She has been dating Ray Kearin for quite some time. They look pretty adorable with one another.

Dating a celebrity is never impossible nowadays, especially that more and more celebrities are dating non-celebs.

Celebrities Who Use Online Dating Service

Many people criticized online dating before because of some reasons, yet now it starting to be a worldwide phenomenon used and widely accepted by everybody, including these following celebrities:

Lily Allen

Lily Allen, even if she is married and has kids already, has signed up to Tinder. There is no commitment in the app so perhaps she only wants to spend her day judging those who want to date as popular as her.

Lindsay Lohan

She was actually an early member of Tinder. She posted pictures revealing that she used this app when she found out that her brother is on Tinder.

Halle Berry

She has followed the trend by using anonymity over the internet to experience to be a normal individual again and meet other people in the old-fashioned way. Before Halle Berry got married, she is frequent on online chat rooms and some of them were particularly for dating.


Adele was said to be a member of eHarmony when she’s heartbroken, yet since she’s already popular, this proved a tough experience. She did not use photos of herself that anyone could use for online dating and it is a bit difficult to fall for somebody without photos.

Joan Rivers

She boldly made a profile on Match.com under her name. She brought her an exceptional personality with her, yet ensures to point out that she’d prefer a well-dressed George Clooney rather than a stripped down version of Brad Pitt.

Chelsea Handler

She loves the concept of Tinder and has a motto that says she’s famous, yet prefers anonymous and unpopular men.

Charlie Sheen

He made a profile on MillionaireMatch.com while he’s going a divorce. Maybe because she wants to find somebody else whose riches have driven them crazy just like him.

Matthew Perry

In some reports, he has joined various dating websites including MillionaireMatch.com and RichSoulMate.com. If the reports are real, you will definitely what he prefers for his partner.

Carrie Ann Inaba

She tried eHarmony and that’s where he met her previous fiancé. She liked to switch things up a bit and considered avoiding talking about her popularity and tried to date somebody that’s down to earth and prefers rather to talk about cats.

Rivers Cuomo

The frontman of Weezers, Rivers Cuomo, also signed up for dating sites, yet according to him, they actually respond his profile with a sarcastic message.

Edward Snowden

After he leaked out some government secrets, he’s now searching for an asylum in one’s heart. However, the Tinder account that is said he owned was fake.

Luke Greenfield

If you are a Jewish single, you have probably encountered JDate, which is the site that Luke Greenfield has signed up for. Known for his attractive profile, there’s no wonder why many people are becoming more interested to be his date.

If you want to make your dream come true and date a celebrity in the future, why not start online dating today? You never know, you might be dating a celebrity now!