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NOT To Make These Celebrity Dating Mistakes

In terms of dating and love, celebrities can act a bit crazy. Know what went wrong to the relationships of the celebrities, so you will be able to know what you should not do when dating a celebrity.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #1: Dishing Your Relationship with Everybody

date a celebrityLike when Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo called it quits, everybody was shocked since that the two people seemed so in love and were actually adorable with their matching outfits for the red carpet. What made their split worse was when Jason kept telling the details about their split after like the fact that he ended their relationship over the phone. What’s wrong with this is that you may always talk about the things with your friend, yet dishing details regarding your relationship isn’t a good idea at all. It doesn’t only break trust, but also this is the sign that you have issues on communication.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #2: Not Making Time for One Another

Some celebrities broke up because their work schedule kept them busy and apart. If you are dating someone, you should make an effort spending time together for you to catch up with everything that’s happening in your life. By making time with your date, you can be assured that your relationship will work.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #3: Not Supporting One Another During Rough Times

Sources that are close to Ariana Grande claimed that Jai Brooks was not there for Ariana after her grandpa passed away, and that drove them apart. Any Ariana fan knows how close she is to her grandfather, so it was actually obvious that it is a rough time for her, yet Jai wasn’t there when she needs her the most.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #4: Dissing Your Ex On Twitter

Celebrity Chris Zylka was said to be devastated when Lucy Hale ended their relationship. Therefore, he aired every grievance he had on Twitter. When Lucy did not tweet back, Chris looked immature. It is normal to want to vent after the breakup. Just do this to a friend and not online.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #5: Moving On Very Quickly

Taylor Swift has a rep for falling in love super fast, yet she took some things a bit too far when she dated Conor Kennedy. Taylor purchased a house across the street where the family of Conor is located in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, they broke up shortly after purchasing the house. Men love low-key women. Therefore, it is worth it to save serious relationship talk for your friends.

Celebrity Dating Mistake #6: Avoiding The Time to Talk

When celebrities Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were dating, Rob thought that they’re exclusive, but Rita did not. When Rob found out that Rita was dating some guys, he was heartbroken and began bashing her on Twitter. After that, Rita Ora was completely done with Rob. Being not on the same page as the person you are dating can lead to some issues. So, always talk about everything.

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What You Should Know Between Celebrity Dating?

picture of celebrity dating

celebrity dating

Every man has his own celebrity crush whom he wanted to have a date with. But, some men are quite hesitant since celebrity dating could be an impossible even to happen in their life. This is because of the hectic schedule of your chosen celebrity and sometimes it may be because of their unapproachable personality that hinders your aspiration to date her. Celebrity dating could be a fun activity that will give men the opportunity to spend quality time with their celebrity crush and know more about each other.

For men who are longing to date a celebrity, they need to make sure that they are aware of some of the essential ways on how their aspired celebrity dating activity would be possible. They need to practice some of these ways in order to have a memorable dating experience. These include:

Send Her a Letter

Men need to make a letter informing their chosen celebrity that they are asking her for a date. They need to make sure that the letters they make will catch the interest of their date. As much as possible, they should not act like an avid fan in their letter. They need to write something about her that effectively change some of your life’s perspectives.

Leave a Message Her in Her Social Networking Account

If you have your own Twitter account, you need to tweet as soon as possible. You need to create strong connections with her in order to make sure that you can be always noticed. You can also browse and post your message in her Facebook page in order to assure that you can be easily noticed by her. You need to tweet and message her regularly on facebook in order to make sure that you can easily catch her attention. But remember to tweet and post messages which would make her heart interested on dating with you also.

Join Celebrity Contest

Most people who wanted to have celebrity dating with their favorite artist are joining several contests wherein rewards that would be given to the winner are a celebrity date. You need to spare time joining some of these concerts in order to acquire greater chances of dating her particularly if you are sure of a great win in the contest.

Keep in Touch With the Celebrity

You always need to get in touch with all her schedules. You need to get her contact number for you to text and call her during her free time. You may also message her on some of her online accounts in order to make sure that all your messages can be read by her. This is an essential thing in order to gain her trust at the same time say permitting you to be her date.

These are just some of the simple yet very effective ways that men should do if they are longing to have celebrity dating activity with their favorite celebrity. Following these things is very essential since this could increase their chances of dating their favorite celebrity for a date.

Are You Looking For A Celebrity For Dating?

Is it possible that a celebrity will have the interest to date an ordinary person like you? Well, the answer in this question is “yes”. Most celebrities today are very nice and approachable. The news revealed to the people around the world that there are celebrities today that go out for a date with ordinary or non-showbiz people. Knowing this information is really great for you primarily when you are planning about a celebrity dating. Actually, dating a celebrity is just like you date a millionaire person because you also need lots of preparation. In this way, you can assure to yourself that you are really prepare in dating a famous celebrity.

Celebrity dating is not just a simple decision that often needs simple action. It actually needs lots of time in thinking about the things and behavior that you must show to your date. Awkward and embarrass moments are the situations that you must avoid when you start dating a celebrity. Aside from that, you must also learn some elegant attitudes and behaviors to impress your date and the make the person feel comfortable when he or she is with you.

There are some steps below about celebrity dating. These steps are made helpful and easy to follow that’s why you will never have issues or difficulties on it:

Think of the type of celebrity that you want to date
This is the very first thing that you should so that you can easily choose the celebrity who will be perfect for you.

Enhance your looks
Celebrities today are very aware of the condition of their health and shape of their body or in short, they are conscious of their looks. In this case, if there are things that you must change and improve, start doing it now. It will be better for you to look great when your chosen celebrity meets you. In this way, he or she will have good impression in you primarily in the kind of lifestyle you have.

Go to the places where most celebrity work and live
In these places, you will have a greater chance to see and meet lots of famous celebrities. You will be luckier if you will meet and talk to a celebrity in a place where there are only few people.

Go to some studios where your chosen celebrity often works.
Be one of his or her audience and ask for an autograph after the show. You can also ask to take pictures with him or her.

Give that celebrity some adorable gifts or offerings
This is one of the easiest things where you can get immediate attention from him or her. The best thing that you can give to her is some artwork wherein there are lots of his or her photos.

These are the celebrity dating tips that you can use in order to have easy way in dating a celebrity. Try to follow these steps and these will surely give you a great result.

Celebrity Relationships

Man and Woman are the two sides of the same coin. Imagine a vehicle, a two-wheeler, whose one wheel is working all right while the other wheel stops rotating. Yes, I know, you are already having sympathies for the driver. Nevertheless, a relationship between a man and a woman is also the same as the aforementioned principle. In the life like two-wheeler, it is important that both the wheels i.e. both man and woman work with each other in synchronization. If any of the one decides to walk out, the vehicle comes to a stop but only until a new wheel is found out. We take a lot of interest in knowing our neighbour’s love and so on. Human beings are very inquisitive by nature. Hence, it becomes all the more spicy when celebrity relationships or celebrity dating is on the plate. Let us have a closer look at some of the aspects of celebrity dating.

Celebrities have touched every aspect of our lives and we so often are fantasized by their bungalows, sleek cars and sometimes even by their partners. Celebrity dating is one of the most talked about topic on this planet. Celebrity dating has changed over the previous years and now there is no fixed way to it. There have been examples of celebrity dating where the couples have been a role model for the upcoming generations and even ordinary couples would like to emulate them. These couples have established a long-lasting relationship and has made it working. Let us take an example of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. These two have been married since 1988 and it looks like their love has only increased. The two have effortlessly made their relationship work. In celebrity dating, there always has this problem of managing the careers of both the individuals. Nobody wants to throw his/her career away and it often leads to separation. However, in the case of the aforementioned lovebirds, they just did it with great poise and aplomb. The two have even worked together and yes, they have delivered hits including the likes of “Sleepless in Seattle.” Apart from acting together, the couple has also produced many films together, making it a point that a celebrity couple can do it all together. Now let us move to the diametrically opposite to them.

Celebrity dating has been on page three due to these slippery couples. They have been on and off like switching off your television set. Take an example of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The two are hot, sexy, and desirable and were together. Every time they were spotted on the front page of the tabloids, it was rumoured that they are going to marry. However, Kristen Stewart as rumours have it, got into with someone else and cheated on Pattinson. After that, they have tried reconciliations, but everything has failed. Their relationship have never been the same since and now the couple is not together.

Celebrity dating has been a part of page 3 since time immemorial and it is imperative that these celebrities keep on forging relationships but with some patience, they will be able to take these relationships to an entirely new level.

Celebrity Dating Tips

When it comes to celebrity dating, meeting quality people is hard to do. Celebrities are so busy that they rarely have the time or energy to get out and meet new people. Even when they do, it is hard for celebrities to trust anyone that they are dating, unless that person is famous too. This is why sites such as CelebritiesDating.com are such a great resource for those whose work puts them in the public eye.


More than just actors, singers and other performers, celebrity dating sites are also used by doctors, entrepreneurs, CEOs of large companies, millionaires, investors and more. People who make a lot more money than the average American are looking to date someone who doesn’t need or want their money. Celebrities and other, rich, famous figures are often afraid that the person they are dating is only interested in them because of the amount of money they have. As a result, sites like CelebritiesDating.com are successful because the people using these sites are looking for love, not for someone to pay their bills and prevent them from having to work for a living.


There are different rules when it comes to dating celebrities than when it comes to dating the average American. These rules are often unspoken within the community of celebrities. They understand each other in a way non-celebrities could never understand their famous counterparts. As a result, celebrities need their own dating sites in order to easily meet the right people.


celebrity dating

Dream about dating a celebrity

date a celebrityIt is perfectly fine to dream about dating a celebrity or having a relationship with somebody famous. Everyone has a crush on celebrity at one age. Nothing is impossible. Celebrity itself means that the person is very famous and they must have been ordinary once or have met non celebrities in their life like waitresses, doctors, secretaries etc. There are celebrities who have had relationships with them as well.
Everyone wants to know how to date a celebrity, or need some tips on celebrity dating so that they can date their favourite celebrities. There are some celebrities who fall for the “normal” people in the normal world as well which is quite out of the spotlights etc. in order to add a level of normality into their own life.
Such celebrities look at this as a step towards balancing and grounding their life. Some celebrities also look for the creative type of people whom they can share a bond with.
Also there are a lot of things to consider before dating a celebrity as their lives are always under the spotlight. Always check the ego at the door, because the time being spent with them in public is always tough. The photographers always push other away quite literally in order to get a picture and nobody would even know a “normal or ordinary” person. However, if the celebrity is standing their with another famous person, that will just add up the spice for them to publish.
Most of the time, even if the photographer gets a picture of the person along with the celebrity. Nobody would ask if he/she is dating the celeb but will mention them as unidentified guests.
It’s better to be secure in order to date a celebrity as there will be a lot of fans and people throwing themselves at the celebrities whether it’s a male or a female and that is just the way it is. There will be men and women proposing the celebrity dates at almost each and every place, however as long as it’s about “celebrity dating” it’s better that the person trusts his/her partner and doesn’t argue over it late because it’s not at all uncommon.
It is better to be prepared beforehand to be hated if someone wants to date a celebrity because of someone else has a crush on the celebrity. So it is quite obvious for them to hate the person who is dating the celebrity they love.