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What Are The Chances Of Dating A Celebrity?

Dating a celebrity is probably one of your biggest dreams. If you think it’s impossible, well there’s a higher chance to date your forever celebrity crush. But, you have to take note that the chances of dating celebrities may depend on how you are really committed or dedicated with your efforts.

To date a celebrity, you have to start with some things. First and foremost, look for the Facebook account of your favorite celebrity. There are many celebrities on Facebook. You may try searching for the real names of the celebrities. Usually, popular singers use an alias, so if you look for their real name, you might find their profile. Alternatively, there are tons of celebrities who use Facebook, yet use fake names on there to stop those who do not know them from finding them. Once you do your research, you must be able to find them. A huge warning here is that countless of fake profiles of celebrities are being made, so always be careful on such profiles.

Another thing you should do to get a high chance of dating a celebrity is to write to the celebrities. It is easy to look for the agents of the celebrities, so you can spend letter to them. Usually, agents pass letters on. Even if you might not get a reply for your celebrity crush, rest assured that it’s likely they’re read your letter. Those who are lucky got replies from their favorite celebrities. Just make sure to set yourself apart from others from writing a letter that’s unique. If you are looking forward to date your celebrity crush, include a photo of yours, yet don’t sound too desperate.

Researching the place that your celebrity crush always visits is important. It might be a bar, a nightclub, a restaurant, and much more. Once you see them, ensure to introduce yourself and may even provide them a card with your number.

If those things didn’t work out well, your last resort is to sign up at some dating websites where you can meet and date celebrities. As of now, there are several dating sites that are designed for celebrity dating. With these websites, you can meet and even date a celebrity for real. All you have to do is to sign up at such websites and be an active member. It’s useless if you’re signed up on a particular celebrity dating website, yet you are not always active. Even if you send messages to your celebrity crush, yet you are nowhere to be found when he or she replies, he or she might think that you are just one of those people who are making fun of them.

Not all celebrity dating websites have celebrity members. That is the reason why you should shop around and make a comparison if possible. Choose only the celebrity dating sites that are known for their reliability and good reputation as this can make a big difference in getting a chance to date a celebrity.

How To Get A Date With A Celebrity?

Almost all people want to date a celebrity. Well, who wouldn’t want to, right? If you want to know how to get a date with a celebrity, here are some of the things you should know:

  • Be Trustworthy

If your celebrity crush sends you a message on Facebook or Twitter, never blast it out immediately on your news feed. Celebrities are always on guard for the tabloid tattles and groupies, so you like to prove that you will not be the next girl to sell her or him out.

  • Stand Out

If he said that his favorite color in the past is purple, never dress like a walking eggplant like gazillions of some girls trying to get his attention. You can wear something unique and stylish, yet not too revealing. Heeled boots and short skirts might make him look at you, yet he will not be looking into your eyes, which is the key to make love connection.

  • Interview Your Favorite Celebrity for a Blog

It is shameless, yet once you ask thoughtful questions that forge bonds between you and your celebrity crush, this could spark something. Just see to it that you get private number and email after the interview.

  • Be Famous

Celebrities often date other celebrities. They feel comfortable and safe around those who understand the unique minuses and plusses of being adored globally. Therefore, be awesome at things that elevate you. Write award-winning screenplays. Make your own novel. Create famous blogs or search for treatments. You may also produce mind-blowing documentary movies. Regardless of your passion, create a name for yourself and this will get the respect and attention of your celebrity crush. Plus, you will be in the club.

  • Write Songs

If you passion about singing and you enjoy writing songs, why not share it to the world? This can make your name or work go viral, which can be beneficial when meeting other celebrities.

  • Tweet Responsibly

Never tweet your celebrity crush obsessively. Flirty little, friendly tweets work much better. If you are lucky enough for your celebrity crush to reply, always play it cool. Never tweet to your friends that you are freaking out about the tweet of your celebrity crush.

  • Be Yourself

first dateCelebrities are humans too. You do not have to be extraordinary or change yourself just to meet and get a date with a celebrity. If you’re always true to yourself and you do all those mentioned things above properly and responsibly, you can guarantee that you will have a chance to date a celebrity in the near future. Just do your best and do things with passion.
Getting a date with a celebrity may sound impossible. But, it’s never impossible to those who are dedicated and committed to get a date with a celebrity. So, try your luck today and find out the perks of meeting and dating a celebrity. If you have tried everything, you may join celebrity dating sites.

How to Date a Celebrity Online

Good looks, a glitzy lifestyle and glamour – to date a celebrity is about all these and more. You wouldn’t just be basking under the spotlight as someone who dates someone famous for this is actually a perfect time for you to further your profession as it would be much easier to get access to more valuable contacts. But, being able to come across celebrities within comfortable surroundings so that you wouldn’t seem like just another fan poses some challenges. Good thing that the internet is now here to help you with your dreams of dating that famous celebrity you’ve been eyeing for so long.

If you want to know how to meet and date a celebrity online, here are several tips to get you started with your celebrity dating venture:

Tweet That Celebrity

Being able to communicate with your celebrity online could be a wonderful way to initiate some good contact with no need to give off the vibes of a stalker. What you need to do is follow the Twitter account of your favorite celebrity. Then, mention the celebrity in tweet and if you are lucky, he or she might start following you as well.

Send an Email

You can also contact the celebrity directly if ever you have find out his or her email. Check if the celebrity posted an email address on their official website. You can also try to contact your celebrity using any their social media accounts. Consider to write a letter as a good alternative to email.

Search for Other Ways to Contact Celebrities Online

You may try other things such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You may also do networking with acquaintances who know some of the celebrities you want to date. Contacting your preferred celebrity through her manager or agent is also a good idea.

Enter a Contest

Try winning a date with a celebrity through entering a contest. Try searching for contests on the website of your celebrity and some trustworthy sites. You may also try looking for contests in the magazines.

Do Your Homework

date a celebrityIf you’re looking forward to date a celebrity, it’s not enough to meet them. You have to bear in mind that they’re always surrounded and often being solicited by their admirers. You must have something extra for you to get their attention. That is the reason why it is essential to do your homework. If possible, learn about the celebrity you like to snag. Several celebrities are attracted to power as well as influence that all their beauty and glamour can’t purchase while some are drawn to plain, humble individuals who pose no threat to their fame.

As a matter of fact, a lot of celebrities aren’t even as rich as they are. They have big mortgages lurking in the background in which situation if you have tons of money you stand a great opportunity of lending a helping hand. Know about the secret drives regarding the celebrity you like to date and give them exactly what they’re looking for.

4 Ways To Date A Celebrity

Almost everyone dream to date a celebrity. Unluckily, majority of people are scared of rejection that they will not even consider asking a particular celebrity on a date. Even if you might get rejected, you will never know unless you try. You should follow these tips to help attract, meet, as well as date a celebrity.

Get Help Online

Today, everything can be done online. Even communicating with your favorite celebrity can be done through Twitter. If you are communicating your celebrity over the internet, it can be a good way to initiate contact through Twitter without appearing like a stalker. Find some ways to contact your celebrity through the internet. You can try using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites or apps.

If you know her or his email, you can also consider sending him or her an email. Never ever try to call the celebrity you want to date because she might view this as an invasion of her privacy. Researching about the celebrity may also be a good idea.

Go Where the Celebrities Are

how to date a celebrityTry living near tons of celebrities. You can increase your chances of running into celebrities by living in places with numerous celebrities. You can live in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York. You may also hang around places where celebrities spend their time. Research online on where your favorite celebrity likes to visit. Try if you can go at charity events, awards shows, clubs and bars where celebrities often hangout, stores where celebrities shop, restaurants where celebrities like to eat, and much more.

Be Famous

Be aware that majority of celebrities date some popular people, yet not always in the similar industry. Increase the chances of attracting the celebrities through becoming popular at jobs including entrepreneurs, writers, politicians, and professional athletes.

Make Yourself Attractive to Celebrities

Attract celebrities in the same way you’d attract someone who was not famous. Take note that the celebrities are also human beings. Try following general advice to date a celebrity by being confident, being yourself, being approachable, kind and thoughtful, talking normally, not appearing desperate, being a good friend, and making her happy.

Aside from the things you should do in celebrity dating, there are also some things you should not do. One of these is not to stalk a celebrity. Stalking isn’t attractive anybody. Stalking celebrities will just freak them out and you could get arrested because of it. Never contact her constantly and never ever hover or stare. You should not also make any sexual advances or mention a part of anatomy.

You must also be ready for rejection. Like on your typical dates, you will always run the risk of rejection. You should also be prepared for a competition as many people like to date a celebrity as well. If your favorite celebrity rejected you, don’t lose hope. You can always try dating another celebrity. Just make sure to keep the do’s and don’ts of celebrity dating.

Dating a Celebrity is Not That Impossible

date a celebrityTo date a celebrity is probably one of the biggest dreams of many people, especially of fans. Unfortunately, many stars choose to marry their fellow stars and this is why a fan marrying a celebrity is almost impossible, if not a complete fairy tale. But, did you know that celebrity dating is not that farfetched as it seems? Below are some celebrity and fan couples that will prove to you that to date a celebrity is a reality that you might also experience yourself.

Patrick Dempsey

Best known for being a part of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy where he played the character of Dr. Shepherd, Patrick Dempsey found the love of his life in 1999 in a hair salon in the form of a makeup artist and hair stylist Jillian Fink. Even though he was not famous that much back then, he was already famous enough for his work to be admired by Fink. They got married in the same year and right now, Jillian is still the one who is in charge of cutting Patrick’s hair.

Anne Hathaway

Yet another proof that it is possible to date a celebrity is Anne Hathaway who married one of her biggest fans, Adam Shulman. Shulman was a small bit actor and jewelry designer and while Anne was planning to stay single after her failed relationship, Adam won her heart and after a few years, they tied the knot.

Matt Damon

Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder were just some of the famous actresses that Matt Damon dated in the past but it was really Luciana Bozan, a bartender in Miami, who owned his heart and soul. They met during Matt’s filming of Stuck on You in Miami in 2003. Damon went into the establishment where Luciana was working, hiding behind the bar as he tries to escape fans. Despite being a fan of Damon herself, the actor didn’t escape from her. They hit it off and got married in 2005.

Nicolas Cage

Cage has his fair share of dating hot shot celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, and Angelina Jolie and even got married to Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette. But in 2004, he met Alice Kim at the restaurant where she was working as a waitress. Kim asked for his autograph and even managed to get a phone number. That same year, they tied the knot at a Northern California private ranch.

Julia Roberts

Known for being America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts just like Nicolas Cage has also dated a lot of famous celebrities like herself, including the likes of Dylan McDermott, Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland and Matthew Perry. But in 2000, while filming the movie The Mexican, Roberts took notice of Daniel Moder, a cameraman. Back then, Roberts was still in a relationship of three years while Moder was married. Moder divorced his wife to start a relationship with his idol, while the actress broke up with her boyfriend to date her fan. They got married in 2002.

Date a Celebrity is Not Hard

celebrity womanDating is the getting-to-know stage that most people want to pass through before jumping into an intimate relationship with someone. To date is a great opportunity so that you can effectively know the person well. It is important that you take time knowing him or her before entering an intimate relationship. To date celebrity is relatively different from dating non-showbiz personalities. Sometimes, it is hard to date a celebrity because of their profession.

There are some celebrities who tend to take some precautionary measures in terms of their personal lives because some controversies can affect their career and profession as celebrity. However, in terms of dating and life, for sure, there is no difficult situation as love can conquer all. There are some dating tips that suit all people who are dating a celebrity. To date a celebrity is not hard if you are aware of some dating tips. Those dating tips you can follow on how to date a celebrity are listed below:

  • You need to remember that celebrities have the so called reputation to uphold. Controversies can either boost or destroy their career. It is the main reason why it is necessary that you must understand his or her career.
  • If you really want to date a celebrity then you should move to larger cities. It can help you increase your chance to meet a celebrity and date him or her.
  • The sense of connection and networking are two of the most important factors to be considered that can also help you meet and date a celebrity. You can sign up to a networking site that can help you determine those places where many celebrities come and spend their leisure time. You need to be resourceful enough so that you can effectively find ways to meet and date a celebrity.
  • When you meet a celebrity then it is important that you compliment his or her work. Never ask about their recent issues and controversies. Look for something that both of you have in common.

Dating a celebrity can make you feel happy especially if the person you are dating with is popular. To date a celebrity can also increase your chance to be a celebrity’s future partner in life. If you are a type of person who really like dating celebrity then you must not hope. You can turn your imaginations and dreams of dating and marrying a celebrity into reality through the help of celebrity dating tips. To date a celebrity is a great opportunity so that you will know a person that you just normally see in television and billboards. To date a celebrity is indeed a good way so that you will also understand the career and life of a celebrity.

You Should Never Look to Celebrities for Dating Advice

date a celebrityDo you ever think of dating someone or dreamed of someone whom you admire every day because you can see him or her in a television commercial or program?

In a world where you are free to fascinate and widen your imagination, you can always have an ideal person to be with. Especially the ordinary person with ordinary stories in life, they also dream spending precious time together with a person living in fame. Those who will not be mesmerized by their beauty and charm, and smooth and fair skin complexion will be considered as dumb. But at some instances, not all people are attracted to celebrities to the point that he or she dreams of them. It is not important if you date a celebrity because the fame they get will not be forever and the fame they somehow have might start conflict like having so many issues that may be true or just created by some dirty mouth.

Another thing why you should never look celebrities for dating advice is because their advices focus on their selves meaning considering a celebrity’s point of view only. Celebrities are considered as the number one entertainer in the world. They are used to making so many emotions even if they don’t really feel that way. As you can recognize, they are attracted to their co-artists and they make scenes which is sometimes not the usual thing done by people without any intimate relationship. This kind of scenario leads to make two celebrities have a short period of intimacy with one another. After several years or even months of having a relationship with their co-artists, at some point, which cannot be avoided, when they have something to do with another artists that also have a pretty face has a chance of leaving their recent partners.

Asking for advice is not a bad thing to do especially when it comes to the word “dating”, but you must choose the one you are going to ask. When you think about dating a celebrity, you will quickly think the standards of a celebrity. They always give an advice to have a communication which can be a dreadful advice. They can give though advice because they are just giving an advice considering their reputation. People can easily judge them on whatever they show to the public. We should always remember that they are for public display, meaning, they always display goodness in public and give us more things about them without seeing their flaws and their identity. There is no need to ask them for advices since they don’t have so much time for having a real date. They cannot freely flaunt their selves dating in front of the public because of the issues that they might create unless people knew their status, even if it is just for the sake of publicity. Their advices can be terrible since they have a little time for their selves dating, and dating a celebrity can also become more controversial and at the end of the day you will feel unhappy.

You can ask for advices from ordinary people who experienced a real date without controversies or even from the old ones who experienced their happy moments about dating.

What You Should Know Between Celebrity Dating?

picture of celebrity dating

celebrity dating

Every man has his own celebrity crush whom he wanted to have a date with. But, some men are quite hesitant since celebrity dating could be an impossible even to happen in their life. This is because of the hectic schedule of your chosen celebrity and sometimes it may be because of their unapproachable personality that hinders your aspiration to date her. Celebrity dating could be a fun activity that will give men the opportunity to spend quality time with their celebrity crush and know more about each other.

For men who are longing to date a celebrity, they need to make sure that they are aware of some of the essential ways on how their aspired celebrity dating activity would be possible. They need to practice some of these ways in order to have a memorable dating experience. These include:

Send Her a Letter

Men need to make a letter informing their chosen celebrity that they are asking her for a date. They need to make sure that the letters they make will catch the interest of their date. As much as possible, they should not act like an avid fan in their letter. They need to write something about her that effectively change some of your life’s perspectives.

Leave a Message Her in Her Social Networking Account

If you have your own Twitter account, you need to tweet as soon as possible. You need to create strong connections with her in order to make sure that you can be always noticed. You can also browse and post your message in her Facebook page in order to assure that you can be easily noticed by her. You need to tweet and message her regularly on facebook in order to make sure that you can easily catch her attention. But remember to tweet and post messages which would make her heart interested on dating with you also.

Join Celebrity Contest

Most people who wanted to have celebrity dating with their favorite artist are joining several contests wherein rewards that would be given to the winner are a celebrity date. You need to spare time joining some of these concerts in order to acquire greater chances of dating her particularly if you are sure of a great win in the contest.

Keep in Touch With the Celebrity

You always need to get in touch with all her schedules. You need to get her contact number for you to text and call her during her free time. You may also message her on some of her online accounts in order to make sure that all your messages can be read by her. This is an essential thing in order to gain her trust at the same time say permitting you to be her date.

These are just some of the simple yet very effective ways that men should do if they are longing to have celebrity dating activity with their favorite celebrity. Following these things is very essential since this could increase their chances of dating their favorite celebrity for a date.

Why Dating a Celebrity is a Good Idea?

date a celebrityDating a celebrity is not something which we hear from a lot of people around. Dating a celebrity sounds exciting and glamorous. A visual of red carpets, limos and cocktail parties flashes across your mind immediately. Celebrities are normal people like others however; it is their profession which makes them different and popular. Well, there are definitely a lot of advantages of dating a celebrity. Some of them are mentioned below:
Getting Special Treatment Wherever You Go
When you date a celebrity, it is quite obvious that you are going to receive preferential services as compared to others present in the restaurant or any other place. You are given special treatment anywhere you go, right from cinema halls to nightclubs, restaurants to getting the seats in the first row at an award night. And you would have the privilege too since you’re dating a celebrity man or a woman.
Plethora of Opportunities when you are Popular
A celebrity is popular and since you’re dating one, it is natural for you to be famous, too. It is observed that whenever people become famous and popular, an array of opportunities is available. The opportunities could be career related or otherwise. You can start any business if you are famous since it will be extremely easier to sell and promote it because of fame. This is irrespective of your experience or expertise in the field.
He/She has Luxurious Taste
When you are dating a celebrity, one of the unique features of the relationship is that his/her luxurious taste will reflect in the services and products he uses. You would also be able to benefit from it since then even you would be able to afford these luxurious items which you once only dreamed of. He will not only know the finest restaurants in the city but would also be capable enough to take you to all the exotic restaurants.
Stability & Security
One of the major advantages of dating a celebrity is that you would be spared from the financial crisis faced in any other relationships. We’re not saying that it you would not face any financial problems in future but the chances are relatively meager. You have the ability to work because you want to and not just because you have to.
Being a Celebrity generally means Being Richer
It is a well known fact that when you’re famous, power and money follow you. You can enjoy the luxurious homes, trips to world’s exotic locations, expensive cars, finest cars, fancy gifts and many other expensive materialistic pleasures. Since you are dating a celebrity, all this comes along.

Dream about dating a celebrity

date a celebrityIt is perfectly fine to dream about dating a celebrity or having a relationship with somebody famous. Everyone has a crush on celebrity at one age. Nothing is impossible. Celebrity itself means that the person is very famous and they must have been ordinary once or have met non celebrities in their life like waitresses, doctors, secretaries etc. There are celebrities who have had relationships with them as well.
Everyone wants to know how to date a celebrity, or need some tips on celebrity dating so that they can date their favourite celebrities. There are some celebrities who fall for the “normal” people in the normal world as well which is quite out of the spotlights etc. in order to add a level of normality into their own life.
Such celebrities look at this as a step towards balancing and grounding their life. Some celebrities also look for the creative type of people whom they can share a bond with.
Also there are a lot of things to consider before dating a celebrity as their lives are always under the spotlight. Always check the ego at the door, because the time being spent with them in public is always tough. The photographers always push other away quite literally in order to get a picture and nobody would even know a “normal or ordinary” person. However, if the celebrity is standing their with another famous person, that will just add up the spice for them to publish.
Most of the time, even if the photographer gets a picture of the person along with the celebrity. Nobody would ask if he/she is dating the celeb but will mention them as unidentified guests.
It’s better to be secure in order to date a celebrity as there will be a lot of fans and people throwing themselves at the celebrities whether it’s a male or a female and that is just the way it is. There will be men and women proposing the celebrity dates at almost each and every place, however as long as it’s about “celebrity dating” it’s better that the person trusts his/her partner and doesn’t argue over it late because it’s not at all uncommon.
It is better to be prepared beforehand to be hated if someone wants to date a celebrity because of someone else has a crush on the celebrity. So it is quite obvious for them to hate the person who is dating the celebrity they love.