You Should Never Look to Celebrities for Dating Advice

date a celebrityDo you ever think of dating someone or dreamed of someone whom you admire every day because you can see him or her in a television commercial or program?

In a world where you are free to fascinate and widen your imagination, you can always have an ideal person to be with. Especially the ordinary person with ordinary stories in life, they also dream spending precious time together with a person living in fame. Those who will not be mesmerized by their beauty and charm, and smooth and fair skin complexion will be considered as dumb. But at some instances, not all people are attracted to celebrities to the point that he or she dreams of them. It is not important if you date a celebrity because the fame they get will not be forever and the fame they somehow have might start conflict like having so many issues that may be true or just created by some dirty mouth.

Another thing why you should never look celebrities for dating advice is because their advices focus on their selves meaning considering a celebrity’s point of view only. Celebrities are considered as the number one entertainer in the world. They are used to making so many emotions even if they don’t really feel that way. As you can recognize, they are attracted to their co-artists and they make scenes which is sometimes not the usual thing done by people without any intimate relationship. This kind of scenario leads to make two celebrities have a short period of intimacy with one another. After several years or even months of having a relationship with their co-artists, at some point, which cannot be avoided, when they have something to do with another artists that also have a pretty face has a chance of leaving their recent partners.

Asking for advice is not a bad thing to do especially when it comes to the word “dating”, but you must choose the one you are going to ask. When you think about dating a celebrity, you will quickly think the standards of a celebrity. They always give an advice to have a communication which can be a dreadful advice. They can give though advice because they are just giving an advice considering their reputation. People can easily judge them on whatever they show to the public. We should always remember that they are for public display, meaning, they always display goodness in public and give us more things about them without seeing their flaws and their identity. There is no need to ask them for advices since they don’t have so much time for having a real date. They cannot freely flaunt their selves dating in front of the public because of the issues that they might create unless people knew their status, even if it is just for the sake of publicity. Their advices can be terrible since they have a little time for their selves dating, and dating a celebrity can also become more controversial and at the end of the day you will feel unhappy.

You can ask for advices from ordinary people who experienced a real date without controversies or even from the old ones who experienced their happy moments about dating.